A brief facts checking on how Invisalign cost is now more affordable for the people

invisalign cost

If you have worn those traditional dental braces before then you should know how inconvenience one has to face wearing those on daily basis. The list of inconveniences goes on and on. You face difficulty or rather inability eating certain foods. Then there is periodic soreness from tightening of the braces on the teeth. And most importantly there is acute lack of general aesthetics wearing. Moving around with a mouth full of metal is not exactly a pleasant experience you can say. But at the end of everything including the years of discomfort, the dividend pays off in lips and bounds. What if there is another way to straighten the teeth without getting into these unpleasant experiences? 

This is where Invisalign treatment pitches in. it is a modern and innovative way to straighten the teeth without involving those conventional and fixed metal braces. The technology relies on a series of aligners to bring the teeth into perfect alignment. The aligners are made of clear transparent plastic. Thus the aligners remain virtually invisible inside your mouth. These aligner trays apply gentle pressure on the teeth to make them move from their current position to desired one. 

Trained and experienced Invisalign dentists at the Bayswater Dental Clinic say that if you have avoided undergoing teeth straightening treatment because you thought those fixed conventional metal braces were the only option, then perhaps you were waiting for Invisalign technology to evolve. Invisalign has an excellent success rate in teeth straightening. It has handled zillions of such cases all over the world with success in the last few decades. Most importantly the technology is still evolving itself.

In its latest avatar, the align technology introduces new Invisalign system innovations. It facilitates better planning of both orthodontic and restorative dental treatments. This integrates the CBCT with the ClinCheck treatment planning software. CBCT stands for Cone Beam Computed Tomography. Integration of the CBCT with intraoral scan data enables dentists to easily expand diagnosis. In fact this technological evolution has enabled Invisalign treat a broader range of cases. It also improves clinical predictability to a large extent thus helping doctors provide more assured results.   

As such, thanks to the latest evolution in technology now it is possible for dentists to provide –

  • Better predictability in cases involving correction of deep bites
  • Using SmartForce aligner activation it is possible to provide anterior intrusion solution
  • Better levelling of the spee curve 
  • Reduction in the chances of POB or posterior open bite
  • Better predictability to cases of severe to moderate range of crowding and cross bite
  • Automatically placing precision bite ramps for your lower intrusion

As Invisalign is getting increasingly improved with newer technological advances, a lot of innovative measures are also coming up to make the treatment affordable for the ordinary folks. Let us now discuss few options that can make your treatment using this cutting-edge dental technology more easily affordable. 

Your options include the following – 

  • Pay with you tax-free pounds from your HSA or FSA
  • An affordable monthly installation scheme with zero down payment

Insurance coverage for Invisalign treatment

These days, a number of dental insurances are covering Invisalign treatment just as the way braces are covered. As a result your dental insurance policy may pay for a certain percentage of your Invisalign cost. However, it may also alternatively pay for a certain pound amount to make things little easier for your pocket. Usually there exists a lifetime cap on the amount that your insurance provider will pay for your orthodontic treatment. 

How do I be certain that my dental insurance covers Invisalign treatment?

In order to know for sure that your dental insurance covers your Invisalign treatment as well you have to make a little effort. Call the insurance company’s customer helpline number or talk to the benefits and welfare manager in your office. You can also look into the benefits package of your policy related to orthodontic treatment. In many cases orthodontic treatment is covered by health insurance rather than by dental insurance. It is also covered by orthodontic coverage that you can buy separately. 

How can I be sure of that my dentist will accept my insurance?

At the time of booking your initial customary consultation you should better enquire which insurance plans does the practice accepts. Even your dentist’s office can call your insurance provider to check whether you are covered. 

Paying for Invisalign treatment with tax-free money

In this context we have know about FSA and HAS.

FSA – what is it?

FSA stands for flexible savings account. It is an account that you can use for certain medical and dental costs. Invisalign clear aligners are included in it. It is important to note that your employer manages your FSA. You deposit money into the account throughout the year. The deposition is generally done through a deduction from your salary account. You can save up to a descent sum of money in it throughout a year. However it is important to note that every employer does not offer an FSA benefit. 

HSA – what is it?

HSA stands for health savings account. It is special savings account and is designed mostly for them who have a high deductable health insurance policy. You deposit money into your HAS account and can use it to pay for certain health and dental costs. Just as is the case with FSA, an HSA too covers the clear transparent aligners that Invisalign relies on to correct misalignments of the teeth. 

Why FSA and HSA are relevant?

Both FSA and HSA offer absolutely tax-free money. This is why these two aspects are so relevant in monetarily facilitating Invisalign treatment for a really large number of people. 

Considering all these latest developments, it will not be going overboard with saying that invisalign cost in London has come somewhat under reach of the common man. Yes, Invisalign treatment has  become quite affordable now as compared to the recent past. Before starting your treatment you should better discuss your finances with both your benefits manager and your Invisalign dentist. That way it will be possible to pay for your orthodontic treatment and get reimbursed from your HSA or FSA smoothly. As an alternative way even your benefits manager or provider can pay your dentist directly for your treatment in these schemes. You can also get in touch with dental clinics like Bayswater Dental Clinic  for a better and cost efficient dental treatment.