Zoomee – The Next Generation of Video Calling

Zoomer, short for boomer, has been used since 2016 to refer to members of Generation Z who come after Gen Xers and millennials.

Understanding Gen Z’s beliefs and buying habits is vitally important to businesses. Here are a few considerations businesses should keep in mind when marketing to this demographic: Making customer service quick and simple are paramount priorities.


Zoomee’s technology was designed with flexibility in mind, functioning flawlessly across a variety of devices and networks. Up to one hundred participants can join at the same time on video calls; furthermore, its user interface makes collaboration easy even for people from varied technical backgrounds.

Zoomee provides superior video and audio quality that will make you feel like you are present no matter where in the world you are located. Plus, with its adaptive technology your calls will still run smoothly even on slow internet connections!

Zoomee makes recording meetings and sessions easy for businesses conducting virtual meetings and educators teaching online classes, providing a powerful way to recapture key moments without the distance barriers of travel affecting delivery – not forgetting making sure your meetings and lectures never miss a beat!


Zoomee outperforms top baselines by an average of 14x on average, thanks to its efficient design that incorporates different aggregation mechanisms to improve efficiency while upholding quality. Zoomee narrows its focus from all graph data towards ROIs to reduce training/serving cost and information overload simultaneously; subgraphs for ROIs are then constructed by sampling with respect to user interest before GNN modeling reweights each ROI using multi-level attention modules.

Reducing IO-intensive operations through overlaps between subgraph reading, feature embeddings, computation kernels optimized for sparse data, fully asynchronous pipeline to train model and minimal communication between PS and PP further enhance training performance.