SIM Registration TNT – Get 3 GB Free Data in 30 Days

TNT Mobile Network Operator in the Philippines, owned and operated by Smart Communications. Formerly known as Piltel and Talk n Text, the brand offers SMS, voice calls, combo plans and net and load services.

Mandatory SIM registration violates privacy by permitting authorities to track and target individuals, creating problems both for people as individuals as well as the telecommunications industry as a whole.

Get 3 GB of FREE Data

Talk ‘N Text (TNT) is the leading mobile network in the Philippines offering voice, text and mobile data services. Popular among its affordable packages for Filipino mass consumers such as Gaan Text 10 and unlimited offers like Unlitext Extra 30 as well as Giga Stories and Games are its Gaan Text 10, Unlitext Extra 30 offers that cater to mobile data consumption needs of local citizens as well as classic plans such as Gaan Text 10.

TNT is encouraging subscribers to register their SIM cards under the SIM Registration Act, which seeks to reduce text scams and other illegal mobile phone activities. As an incentive to register SIMs online portal registration process. TNT will offer 3 GB FREE data.

TNT SIM Registration can be reached either through the Smart GigaLife app or dialing *400# on any TNT-powered phone. After providing all required information, a confirmation SMS with your unique code for SIM Registration will be sent back – be sure to keep this as your certificate of registration!

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Smart and TNT subscribers can also take advantage of SIM Registration within 30 days to receive a complimentary phone, protecting both their privacy and reducing scammers using stolen numbers to use. This process protects their numbers as it ensures only they own it.

Verifying your identity can be done by comparing the IMEI number on your device with that on the SIM card and checking call and text logs for any unfamiliar or suspicious calls or texts.

Smart Communications has released an online video designed to encourage SIM Registration TNT with real-life scenarios illustrating why not registering your number can cause problems in everyday life. GIGIL agency created this creative ad that shows how everyday activities become complex when there is no registered number in place.

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Utilizing TNT’s SIM registration offer is an effective way to ensure an easy mobile experience. Failing to register your SIM card could result in deactivation and loss of communication services; don’t miss this chance and register today!

Subscribers of PLDT wireless arm Smart and TNT’s value brand TNT can access the SIM registration portal through assisted booths or online platforms, as well as through free Smart Bro WiFi zones located in airports, transportation hubs, hospitals, schools, government offices and malls.

Talk ‘N Text provides an array of SMS, Voice, Combo and Load services designed to meet every need. Their most popular SMS packages include UnliTalk Plus 20, which gives unlimited texts to TNT and Smart subscribers; Sangkatutok 15 allows subscribers two days twenty minutes calls between TNT and Smart; other combo offerings are eLoad 30 and Ticket Load 15 packages that provide 2 days 20 minutes calls between TNT and Smart; Talk ‘N Text is known for its cost-effective packages and affordable offers;

Get a Free SIM Card

TNT’s online SIM registration portal makes registration quick and simple; simply follow the prompts until you get your Control Number to validate it and enjoy 3 GB FREE data almost immediately!

TNT not only offers its Panalo Phone 2 equipped with a Talk N Text SIM, but they also offer individual eSIMs capable of saving 450 contacts and 90 inbox text messages – these eSIMs can be purchased through prepaid outlets as well as their website.

Electronic SIMs (eSIMs) can be used in any device connected to the internet and become ready for use when activating your cellular plan. Foreign nationals can register their eSIM with valid identification such as passport or other forms of documentation, while using signNow’s secure eSignature solution ensures your document is legally binding by providing complete audit trails, identity authentication and 256-bit encryption for maximum protection of your documents.