Manhwa – That Which Flows By

Manhwa has become increasingly popular around the world, captivating readers of all ages with its intricate storytelling and relatable characters. That Which Floats By is no exception; drawing readers into its captivating world of magic and adventure.

Dark visual aesthetics work to complement the narrative’s tone, with action scenes being dynamic and fluid. Small details like using screentone and special effects for Mia’s shadow powers add depth to Mia’s art form.


Manga comics, or manga for short, have grown increasingly popular worldwide. Boasting unique plots and complex characters that appeal to wide audiences, their fame spreads rapidly across borders.

Yeon is known for his care and courage, using water magic to heal allies and strike down enemies alike. His friends Lisesharte and Jueki also possess magical skills which allow them to go on adventures together or protect the kingdom against potential threats.

That Which Flows by features a dark atmosphere with moral ambiguity and danger at its core, perfectly complimented by stylized art style that complements this tone perfectly – making the series accessible for many to devour in one sitting; romance, fantasy and action combine into an exciting binge-worthy series that captures readers imaginations!


Manga or Mangwa has become immensely popular worldwide as people all around the globe love reading its intriguing plots and characters. More expressive than regular comics, manga helps readers to feel more emotionally engaged with its stories while being known for its complex narrative and eye-catching artwork which captures strong emotional responses in its characters.

The story features an intriguingly dark and edgy tone, appealing to many Manhwa fans. With supernatural elements such as shadow powers and dangerous villains providing an engaging tale of adventure and drama.

Webtoon and Mangakakalot offer convenient platforms where readers can access this story free of charge. Their clean user-friendly designs work well across both desktop computers and mobile devices; plus they’re completely ad-free – perfect for reading on-the-go!


Manhwa (pronounced ma-wha) is an East Asian comics genre with distinctive storylines and characters, often associated with Korean culture and has gained immense worldwide acclaim. An immersive reading experience that provides thought-provoking themes and suspense, Manga is often considered an art form in its own right.

That Which flows by has dark and stylish art that perfectly captures the mood and tone of its story. Character designs add depth, while action sequences are fluid and dynamic – adding even further suspense! Furthermore, moral ambiguity and potential threats heighten suspense for further suspenseful viewing pleasure.

Readers can easily locate That Which Flows by on popular manhwa hosting platforms such as Webtoon and Mangakakalot, both featuring mobile-friendly pages for easy reading on-the-go. KissManga is another fantastic choice as it rapidly updates chapters across both desktop computers and mobile devices.


With its captivating story, complex characters, dark tone, action and suspense elements, That Which Floats by has quickly earned itself many fans across a spectrum of audiences. No matter your reading preference – newcomer or veteran of manhwa genre alike will find an exciting adventure waiting them in This fantasy series will transport them into an incredible realm full of magic and adventure!

Manga’s elegant yet dark visual aesthetic complements the story’s tone perfectly, featuring character designs that are both captivating and realistic, plus special effects like screentone to heighten Mia’s shadow powers and add extra drama.

Webtoon makes the webtoon available free-of-charge and provides an app you can download for mobile reading. Mangakakalot and KissManga may also provide access to this manhwa, although their ads could prove distracting.

Release Date

That Which Flows By has no official release date in English yet; its creators could be waiting until its Korean version concludes before translating and publishing in English. Still, this manga remains highly acclaimed among readers with more than 2.9 million subscribers on Webtoons – its popularity stemming from romantic parts that are beautifully rendered as well as its writing style that keeps audiences engrossed; making this must-read series for anyone interested in historical stories! The plot is interesting and characters well developed – meaning you will definitely enjoy Its popularity will only continue to increase further!