How do I cancel a Southwest Airlines Flight

Southwest Airlines Flight

Cancelling a pre booked ticket is challenging if you are not aware of rules and terms. Southwest Airlines is the most re-owned and low cost airline and also popular for its less cancellation charges. Here we will tell you the process and important details related to ticket cancellation.

Should you decide to modify your reservation and the fare amount changes, you will be liable for the additional cost if it is greater. But, based on the kind of ticket you bought, you will receive a refund if the price is cheaper. 

Steps to Cancel the Southwest Flight

  • Open your Southwest account and log in on the official website or mobile app. 
  • Choose “Change reservation” or “Cancel reservation” after clicking the “Flight” tab. 
  • Select the ticket or reservation which you want to cancel, make sure that you have selected the right ticket.
  • Click on the cancellation button and cancel your SW flight.

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Cancel SW ticket on call

Call the customer care number of Southwest airlines and provide them you reservation details for cancellation. Southwest customer support will cancel your reservation and you will get a confirmation message or email on your registered mobile number and email id.

South West Offline Cancellation

Offline cancellation of SouthWest Airlines are available on the counters at the airport. However, cancellation online is more convenient as you can do it from anywhere. For offline cancellation you need to visit the airport counter and ask a representative to cancel the ticket for you.

Everything You Should Know Before Cancelling Your Trip 

There are two situations under which a flight might be cancelled. Initially, if you purchased your ticket with cash and later decided to cancel, you will receive your money back as a credit known as a travel fund. You receive a complete point refund if you used Rapid Rewards points to purchase your ticket. The following table illustrates how various price categories have varied refund policies regarding whether or not your ticket is refundable and can be used as travel money.

SouthWest Cancellation Charges

You will be liable for the $50 discrepancy if your new fee turns out to be $250 and you paid $200 for your ticket.  However, suppose you paid $200 for your ticket and your revised fee is just $150. You are entitled to a $50 refund if you bought a refundable fare, such as a Business Select ticket, for an Anytime ticket.

Travel Funds for Southwest Cancellation

Southwest travel funds have a one-year expiration date once they are granted, and you must use the flight (not simply book it) within that year. Customers must give their confirmation number, ticket number, or flight details (date, origin, and destination) when phoning Southwest to inquire about travel funds or to request a refund for a particular ticket.

The procedures listed below can be used to modify a flight that is connected to a companion’s flight:

Postpone the associated Companion’s journey.
Modify your flight to arrive at the desired time, date, and location.
Rescheduled the companion’s journey
We may be having a delay if you have already canceled the Companion’s reservation and are still unable to modify your flight.
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