4 Great ways of commercial carpet cleaning


Commercial carpets are quite common across a number of places. It ranges from offices to healthcare centres and hospitality suites. In other words this is to say there are more ways than one for carpets to pick up dirt and the dust to become unclean. Carpets – both at residences and at commercial spaces – have to be taken proper care of. Commercial carpets in particular have to be taken greater care of. Only proper care and regular cleaning can ensure a longer life for commercial carpets. When the carpets laid out at your office space is not regularly and thoroughly cleaned their lifespan is more likely to be quite limited. Replacing carpets at short intervals is definitely a hefty cost that your business has to incur frequently. In order to ensure your commercial carpet is properly taken care of and it is in perfect condition, we have put together a helpful and effective guide across the following sections of this blog post. The post covers different carpet cleaning methods along with individual benefits and flip sides the methods offer. At the end of this blog post taking informed decisions is likely to be easier for you.

Different carpet cleaning methods

One of the best commercial carpet cleaners in London explains that selection of the most effective carpet cleaning method depends on quite a few factors. The factors include the following –

  • The type of cleaning you are looking for
  • The material or fabric a carpet is made of
  • Does your cleaning target stains?
  • Do you simply want to upkeep cleanliness?

There exist endless ways or procedures to clean carpets. There are traditional procedures as well as modern, handy and more convenient carpet cleaning machines. As far as carpet cleaning is concerned it is never like ‘one solution fits all’. In the following section of the blog post let us explore few common and effective methods along with the positives and negatives each of those individual procedures offer.

Hot water extraction

This is a very common procedure for a large and significant number of professional carpet cleaners. The procedure relies on hot water – as it is obvious from the name itself – along with professional grade cleaning agents. The solution of hot water and those cleaning agents proves helpful in breaking down stains and dirt that may have accumulated over a carpet surface over several months or years. Once the carpet is treated a high powered vacuum is used for dirt extraction. The combined effect of powerful vacuum and hot water solution helps restoring the appearance of the carpet to a large extent.

Advantages of hot water extraction

  • It is one of the most thorough cleaning procedures as far as carpets are concerned
  • Proves to be an excellent procedure to target stains
  • The procedure sanitises your carpet removing harmful bacteria and allergens 
  • It results in lesser waste once the cleansing gets over
  • Compared to the other procedures this is most environment-friendly

Disadvantages of hot water extraction

  • The procedure is quite lengthy and consumes considerable amount of time compared to the other alternative options
  • In this particular procedure drying of the carpets takes a longer time
  • In other words a carpet has to be left untouched for a long time if you applying this cleansing process
  • If a carpet is not dried properly, it may lead to bacterial and mould growth in course of time
  • Moreover the machinery used in this procedure is noisy

 Carpet Shampooing

This is one of the most conventional ways to cleaning carpets. It is still a very popular procedure because of mainly two factors – ease of use or simplicity and pocket-friendliness. You only need a brush and a carpet cleaning solution to clean your carpets this way. Thus the procedural cost can easily be kept under check. First you apply the cleaning product to the surface of a carpet. In the next step spread it throughout the fibre or fabric of the item using the brush. It ensures a thorough cleaning for sure. In the last step you can collect the dirt with a vacuum. 

Advantages of carpet shampooing

  • Very simple procedure; it requires the minimal equipment
  • The cost is minimal and can easily be kept under check
  • It delivers fast and effective results

Disadvantages of carpet shampooing

  • The procedure may not be very effective on high pile carpets
  • In this particular procedure a carpet may take a pretty long time to dry
  • The carpet may feel sticky because of the wet foam residue
  • Your carpet may catch up dirt again after being cleaned in this process

Dry carpet cleaning

This procedure is also called compound cleaning. It is relatively a new procedure to clean carpets. As the name suggests this procedure does not involve any drying time of a carpet. Thus it is a pretty convenient method. Moreover it cleans your carpet thoroughly enough. A specially formulated powder is applied to the carpet surface. This is followed by spraying a little amount of water. As a result the chemicals present in the powder get activated. This breaks down the grime and the bacteria present in the fabric. In the last step use a vacuum to lift the debris from the carpet and make it fresh again. 

Advantages of dry carpet cleaning

  • The procedure cleans your carpets thoroughly within a very short time
  • There is no carpet drying time involved 
  • The procedure is most ideal for commercial carpets
  • An easy and simple method 
  • There is no need of professionals in this procedure of carpet cleaning

Disadvantages of dry carpet cleaning

  • The chemical that is used may prove to be harsh for the fabric of your carpet
  • The powder may also give out a smell that is not too pleasant
  • This procedure of cleaning may lead to dust build up
  • Unlike the other procedures this one does not offer the same stain reducing effect

Encapsulation cleaning 

This is an innovative way to clean carpets. The procedure is popular these days as a means of commercial cleaning of carpets in london. To put it in easier words the procedure dissolves and absolves dust particles. This is why it is supposed to be an innovative procedure. The method takes about 24 hours to get complete. Lastly you have to vacuum your carpet to get rid of the dust and the dirt.

Advantages of encapsulation cleaning

  • It is an effective cleaning method
  • This ensures your carpet stays cleaner longer
  • A very little time is required to dry carpets 
  • Minimal water is needed in this procedure

Disadvantages of encapsulation cleaning

  • The procedure is not effective for areas of a carpet that are heavily soiled or stained
  • In order to remove the crystalised dirt thorough vacuuming is a must in this procedure

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